Well well well, here we are again. I am literally sweating on every inch of my body because it’s soo hot outside, like not good hot but bad hot and then there is the fact that I am participating in Ramadan, so I’m starving too, but that isn’t too bad. But back to the topic, quotes. Who doesn’t love some good quotes? Well everybody does and it’s Monday, so maybe it’ll brighten up your day.

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BookTagThursday: My Life in Books

Hello booklovers,

I’m back from nowhere and I’m really sorry for not being active for the last 4 months. It’s been 4 months but a lot of things have happened. I’ve been to Rome (I’ll make a post about the journey too), I started drivings lessons and soo much more. I really hope you understand. Today I’m here with the ‘My Life in Books’ tag. Long may Google live, you can such amazing things there. But I’ll start with the tag.

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Bookreview: ‘Rebel of the Sands’ by Alwyn Hamilton

Welcome my dear readers,

Today I have my first review. You probably knew I was reading ‘Rebel of the Sands’ by Alwyn Hamilton and last evening the wonderful experience ended. I loved it and now I’ve got a review for you. I did read the book in Dutch so there may be some differences.

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Photography Session:Winter in Amsterdam

Hello and Welcome on my blog,

Today I’ve got a new kind of post for you. This time is has nothing to do with books, but with photography, which you probably could guess ’cause it is in the title, but okay. My idea is to post a photography session every month on the third Saturday and every month has a different theme. This month’s theme is ‘Winter in Amsterdam’ and all of these pictures are taken by me, with my phone so don’t expect to much from the quality. Also if you have ideas for next month’s theme, please comment down below and maybe your idea will be it. That’s all I have to say, please enjoy.

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UK vs US Bookcovers

Welcome back my dear readers,

How was your day? Mine was busy, energy sucking and long, and while I only went to school. Let’s stop the small talk and go on with the subject, books.

I told you my next post was going to be about books, but I can’t place a review, cause I didn’t have time to read the last week, so I’m going to do post a book covers discussion, also known as UK vs US cover. I’m doing this because how hard all of us want to deny it, we love beautiful books but every book had different covers and we want the best for our shelves. So here is some help.

So book covers…..

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25 Bookish Facts About Me Tag

Welcome my dear readers,

Today I’ve got a new booktag for you, this time there are no questions. Only me and me trying to find interesting facts about my bookish self.

1. My name is Saloua and I’m a teenager from the Netherlands.

2. I currently own 21 books, which is kinda sad for a bookblogger.

3. I started collecting books september 2016 but I read books from the library so I don’t buy a lot.


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